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Month: January 2019

Indah Bunga

Nama: Indah Bunga Panggilan: Indah Tinggi: 165 cm Berat: 46 kg Hobby: Renang, Manjat Pohon Musik favorit: Pop, Jazz Film favorit: Horor, Romantis Tempat hangout : Mall, Upnormal Pasfes Makanan favorit: Ayam Goreng Parfum: 212, Bvlgari Rose Idola: Rosa , Inul, Titiek Puspa Tgl lahir: 17 April 1999

Nia Bairava

There are a lot of Asian girls out there who are hot enough to be models, but for whatever reason haven’t decided to get in front of the camera yet. Maybe they’re too shy. Maybe they’re afraid of the haters. Nia Bairava, fortunately, took the plunge, for our benefit. Even though she’s rather new to […]