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There are a lot of Asian girls out there who are hot enough to be models, but for whatever reason haven’t decided to get in front of the camera yet. Maybe they’re too shy. Maybe they’re afraid of the haters. Fei Lynn, fortunately, took the plunge, for our benefit. Even though she’s rather new to the game, her latest photos show that she’s got a bright future in the industry. Make sure to watch out for more of her in the near future.

Are you single or taken?

Why is your partner the perfect one for you?
He’s not perfect, & neither am I. That’s why we’re perfectly imperfect for each other

What’s the #1 problem with dating in this day and age?
Social media, ha.

What’s something you’d want your (current or future) man to wear to look his best? Get specific =)
Nice shoes, nice shirt, & decently matching color scheme. I won’t want my man to match like a bumble bee LOL, maybe like a pair of bred 1’s, a nice red flannel, & some dark blue/black jeans.

Personality is obviously the most important thing about a man, but what’s the most important after that for you? Looks or money?
I guess a little bit of both. Looks don’t last forever & money is only fun if spent together LOL. If a guy were to approach you, what should he say to you? “I have a basket of garlic fries & some extra spicy chicken wings for you.” What aspects of a guy get your attention? The way he carries himself……. & the car that carries him LOL JUST KIDDING!!!

What’s something naughty you’ve done but you never got caught?
I always get caught, I never get away with stuff. *sighs*

If you were on a date, what are 3 things you’d want a guy to be able to talk about?
His hobbies, his passions, & what he’s gonna do to better himself for the future.

Is it more important for a guy to be good in bed or good at conversation?
LOL I’m not trying to smash a wall. I’d say good at conversation, because if I’m interested in you, I’m not gonna be only attracted to your Mandingo, I’d be more interested in how your life is going for you & if we hit it off intellectually.

Plan out your ideal first date. Where would you go and what would you do?
Probably dinner on the rooftop, stargazing or watching city lights, blazing and sipping from Priv.

Which would be worse — never having sex the rest of your life or never eating food the rest of your life (you would get nutrients through other means so you would still be alive)?
Never having sex. I can starve lol.

Name: Fei Lynn
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Hobby: Shopping
Fav music: Pop
Fav movie: Action
Fav Food: Traditional Food
Hangout Place: Cafe
Perfume: Jo Malone
Idol: Song Hye Kyo
Born: January 8th, 1997

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